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Seamlessly integrate your existing website, e-commerce system or back-office software into Despatch Bay — saving you both time and money. The Despatch Bay API can automatically create labels as part of your checkout process, validate addresses and postcodes and can even provide you with a real-time list of available delivery options per postcode with costs.

However tightly you choose to integrate your website into Despatch Bay, we are here to assist your developers in the process. You can be confident that your labels will be automatically created for you in real-time, with no data input necessary. All you'll need to do is print them.


Allows you to accurately verify addresses which can subsequently be fed into the Shipping service to create labels. Each address is uniquely identified by an AddressKey


Lets you look up available services at a given postcode, query the status of shipments, and add new labels to the print queue


Returns tracking data for a parcel (Specified by parcel tracking number)

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